Unifying Spirits Update – Summer 2023

Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry Boba POPS

Unifying Spirits Updates - Summer 2023

Hey, US Fam! We’ve been working on lots of new stuff since we last posted, so we wanted to give you an update, answer some FAQs, and begin to get back into the schedule of consistent blog posts.

Updates about Cocktail Caviar/Boba POPS

We’ve been talking about new bottles and branding for awhile, and they’re finally here. Cocktail Caviar is ready to be reintroduced as Boba POPS – Pearls Of Popping Spirits that add a “pop” of alcoholic flavor to your favorite beverages.

Our new bottles are designed with you in mind. They’re easier to open, they take up less space in your bar cart or liquor cabinet, and they showcase the boba’s conversation-starting uniqueness that you know and love.

Our first line of Boba POPS products are the same fruit flavors you loved as Cocktail Caviar: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Lychee, and Peach. However, our new formulas produced in the United States have made these flavors taste even better. The bottles for these flavors still currently include the Cocktail Caviar name alongside Boba POPS to make sure that everyone knows it’s the same Unifying Spirits quality that they expect. That will change soon, though.

Boba POPS Cocktail Caviar will soon transition to Boba POPS: Fruit, and we will be introducing a new line of flavors that taste like your favorite classic cocktails. Margarita, Piña Colada, Manhattan, and more will be poppin’ into stores, bars, and online retailers under the Boba POPS: Cocktails brand name.

Updates About Unifying SPirits

Unifying Spirits now produces Boba POPS in the United States. That gives US the flexibility to innovate by creating new flavor and color profiles, launching seasonal and limited edition flavors, providing custom flavors to bulk purchasers, and much more.

We’ve set up a distillery called KelRay Industries in Slippery Rock, PA (about an hour north of Pittsburgh) to help US achieve these goals. KelRay has been producing Boba POPS since its facility was set up earlier this year, and will offer distillery tours alongside a tasting room and store on its premises.

Boba POPS are available for purchase online directly from KelRay at Purchases currently must be picked up at the distillery, but shipping to Pennsylvania and select other states will be available soon.

Thanks for Your Patience

The entire Unifying Spirits Team would like to thank you for your ongoing patience throughout this rebrand and USA-based distillery setup process. Some flavors may be out of stock at some times, but we are working to make the new bottles and flavors as accessible as possible. We appreciate your ongoing support and can’t wait to share what’s next with you.

See FAQs about our new bottles and branding below!


Basically, yes! Boba POPS is the new brand name for Cocktail Caviar. The flavors are the same, but taste even better. New flavors will be available soon, too. The bottles are also easier to open and store.

Yes, they will! That was one of the main reasons we designed new bottles. The new lids may still stick due to the nature of our product, but running the lid under warm water should now solve this issue easily.

We’re targeting the release of our first seasonal flavor in Fall 2023.

We use a combination of natural and artificial colors to give Boba POPS their unique visual appeal. Some of our natural color ingredients are more prone to fading than we anticipated. These boba are still completely normal – they aren’t expired, unsafe, or old. We are working to solve these issues for future batches.

Thank you for your interest in Boba POPS! We’d love to work with you. Please reach out to and we’ll work with you to get Boba POPS to your liquor store, bar, restaurant, or other retail location as soon as possible.

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