Recipe of the Week: Tropical Trio

Recipe of the Week: Tropical Trio

Our last Cocktail of the Week in April is actually more than just a cocktail – its’s three! We’ve been brainstorming summer recipes and couldn’t decide which of these we liked the most, so we decided to announce them all!

Our favorite way to cool down during the summer months is with coconut: coconut water, coconut coffee, coconut cream pie, and (of course) coconut-based cocktails! This tropical treat makes us feel like we’re sunbathing and building sandcastles without leaving the comfort of our air-conditioned homes.

This Sunday brings the first day of May 2022, and the summer fun is just beginning. Kick off your warm-weather festivities with these craft cocktails sure to cool you down when the sun gets hot.

Number 1: Poppin' Blue Hawaiian

The Blue Hawaiian is a classic island cocktail with a unique blue tint and a bold tropical taste. It pairs perfectly with Blueberry & Wildflower or Lychee Cocktail Caviar, but we chose Blueberry to complement the drink’s blue hue.

Number 2: Strawberry Coconut Refresher

The fact that this is the easiest recipe of the bunch doesn’t mean it’s any less refreshing – in fact, it’s right there in the name. Muddle some strawberries, shake with coconut and rum, add some Cocktail Caviar, and enjoy!

Number 3: Mango Coconut Rum Cooler

The aged rum topper on our Mango Coconut Rum Cooler adds just the right amount of strength to get you running on island time. The Peach Cocktail Caviar blend perfectly with the muddled & shaken mango to create one of our favorite island mixes.


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