A Social Focus

Unifying Spirits was conceived after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, curfews, and bar & restaurant shutdowns took a toll on the mental health of nearby friends and family – a sentiment which was soon reflected by the nation as a whole. Faced with news of a rise in alcohol use and decline in contact with friends, we decided to create a socially-focused alcoholic beverage company centered on responsible drinking. We want to provide people with fun yet safe atmospheres where No One Drinks Alone, and seek to do so by curating a portfolio of unique, great-tasting beverages that inspire gathering and conversation among friends.

Our Original Brand

Boba pops: Pearls Of Popping Spirits

Boba POPS originated as Cocktail Caviar. Cocktail Caviar hit the market in 2015 and became immediately popular as the nation’s first and only alcoholic popping boba, winning the WSWA Brand Battle Award in 2016 and becoming Total Wine & More’s top-selling Ready-To-Drink beverage in 2017-19.

With nothing else like it on the market, Unifying Spirits found Cocktail Caviar to be a perfect starting point for its goal of offering unique, socially inspirational beverages. We acquired the brand in August 2021 with goals of beginning a more widespread marketing campaign and rebranding to Boba POPS to capitalize on the growing boba tea market in the United States. We kicked off our marketing efforts immediately and began the rebrand process in March 2023 as we shifted production from Taiwan to the United States.

Since then, we’ve been focused on continuing to bring innovative ideas to our customers. Boba POPS bottles are easier to open than the original Cocktail Caviar jars, Boba POPS colors are bolder and more vibrant to really stand out in cocktails and mixed drinks, and Boba POPS flavors are tastier than ever. We’re excited to continue to bring you new flavors and varieties of Boba POPS as we move forward, so as always, please contact US with any suggestions or recommendations!

Other Brands

Our mission is to ensure that No One Drinks Alone by offering a portfolio of unique, great-tasting beverages that inspire gathering and conversation. Boba POPS is the first addition to our portfolio, but we have big ideas ahead. We plan and strive to offer you even more conversation-starting, social beverages to enjoy with friends and loved ones in the very near future. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for new brands like authentic limoncello, boutique botanical gins, single-serving popping boba shots, and more.

You and US

As a socially-focused company, we would be nothing without you. Our goal is to make your gatherings stand out from the crowd. We don’t want you to have to give your guests the same basic light beers or mundane mixed drinks they get everywhere else – we want you to give them a built-in conversation starter in liquid form. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun because you spent the entire party preparing drinks – we want to help you make quick & easy recipes or create your own great-tasting beverages with our unique-but-versatile ingredients.

We love seeing how you make your gatherings unique and ensure that No One Drinks Alone, so please tag US on social media for the chance to be featured on our live feed. Thank you for trusting US to help you get your party started. As always, once you do, please enjoy responsibly.

Create a masterpiece you can’t stop talking about? Share it with US for the chance to have it added to one of our monthly Collaborative Recipe Books.

A moment of unity and enjoyment with Unifying Spirits, shared among enthusiasts.

Our Mission

To offer a diverse selection of unique, great-tasting adult beverages that inspire fun and responsible interaction within a global society where No One Drinks Alone.


No One Drinks Alone

A moment of celebration, a gathering of people raising their glasses to the unity and excellence of Unifying Spirits' offerings.