Ordering Process for Texas Retailers

Welcome to Unifying Spirits!

Thank you for your interest in our brands! Please see below for a walkthrough of our ordering process in Texas. This walkthrough includes instructions and links to required documents. If any questions arise, please visit the Contact US tab to submit a request and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Our Distributor: LibDib Division of RNDC

Process for Ordering

Please visit or contact RNDC for specific and bulk information on pricing. To place an order, please visit the Cocktail Caviar page on LibDib’s website. (If you have not used LibDib before, you may need to create an account). Please contact orders@unifyingspirits.com for assistance with placing your order.

You can also place an order through your Class B wholesaler.

General Pricing: Tier 1 about $16.50/jar; Tier 2 about $15.75/jar; Tier 3 about $15.00/jar

Thank You

Thank you once again for helping US make sure that No One Drinks Alone by offering our brands to your customers. If you have any questions or would like to coordinate a social media promotion once you receive your order, please reach out to US at info@unifyingspirits.com or via the Contact US tab.