Country Wine & Spirits: Our New Partnership!


Country Wine & Spirits: Our New Partnership!

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Country Wine & Spirits, one of the nation’s largest online retailers, to offer Cocktail Caviar to 46 states! CWS is a great place to find your other favorite beverage products, too – they offer hundreds of brands of vodkas, bourbons, tequilas, wines, seltzers, and so much more. Bundle US with these other great brands to save on shipping!

In addition to their retail capabilities, CWS also offers an impressive list of bartenders that will post new recipes and fun ways to use Cocktail Caviar to their social media pages! We are excited to share some of these recipes with you on our website, too. Stay tuned to our Recipes page and check out the “Bartender Collection” to see what they come up with! (Don’t forget to send in your own recipes for the chance to be featured, too!).

Check out these TikTok profiles and keep an eye out for your favorite alcoholic popping boba!

@basicbartender | @bartendermeals | @clubdirty | @bartendermom | @benthabartender 

@martigandrinks | @heavyhands94 | @mollyshakesitup | @makemesomethingfun

@bjordan18 | @joji_martinez4 | @citygalcocktails

Find US at CWS by clicking below!

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